Cat Boarding

Welcome to the Paws Inn cat boarding kennel!  At Paws Inn, we feel it's extremely important to provide each pet with warmth, love and attention to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Please contact us for further information, rates, reservations and availability.  We do offer tours of our facility in the afternoons as well.


Boarding Package for $25 a night

  •     Personal attention from our highly trained compassionate staff.
  •     Close monitoring of your cat's health and habits recorded daily.
  •     We will feed Purina® food unless requested otherwise.

The Accommodations:

  •     Spacious deluxe kitty condos.
  •     A large picture window for your cat to view the happenings of our front office in an area separate from dogs.
  •     You may request adjoining condos for cats in the same household.

Additional Options:

  •     You may bring two of your cat's favorite washable belongings.
  •     We can feed your cat's own food if you prefer. Please bring it in a sealed container with a lid.
  •     We can administer any medications that your cat requires. (please ask for a medication quote when scheduling)
  •     On site veterinary services available upon request or necessity.
  •     On site grooming service available upon request.


Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.  Newly purchased or adopted cats must have lived in their current home for 2 weeks prior to boarding.

  •     Proof of vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian including:

                        Distemper-Upper Respiratory Viruses

  •     Your pet must be free of internal/external parasites.
  •     Sorry, we cannot board adult cats that are not spayed or neutered.


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Office Hours

We close for lunch on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri from 1pm-2pm


8:00 am-5:00 pm


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